Our staff

Mary PorterMary Porter, Principal and Assistant Principal Religious Education

          • at St Joseph's School, Tara from 1988-2010 and principal since 2015
          • Master of Educational Leadership Australian Catholic University (ACU), Master of Religious Education commenced: units at ACU Brisbane, Notre Dame University Jerusalem and Leuven University Belgium, Bachelor of Education University of Southern Queensland (USQ), Diploma of Education (primary teaching and physical education specialist) USQ, Essential Skills in Classroom Management (behaviour management) Facilitator and Profiler level 1
          • Expertise: teaching and learning pedagogy and practice, early years pedagogy and practice, P-6 curriculum, behaviour management, Religious Education, Catholic identity, workplace health and safety, wellbeing, physical education specialist
          • Interests: family, the school and local Tara community, painting, dancing, robotics, gardening, walking, reading, movies and travel

Tara FisherTara Fisher, P-2 teacher

          • at St Joseph's School, Tara since 2018
          • Bachelor of Early Childhood and Primary Teaching, (ACU)
          • Essential Skills in Classroom Management (behaviour management) Profiler level 1
          • Areas of expertise: early childhood teaching and learning, multi-age teaching and learning, classroom pedagogy and practice and behaviour management
          • Interests: reading, art, outdoor activities, animals, swimming and therapy dog training

Ann SmithAnn Smith, 3-6 teacher

          • at St Joseph's School, Tara since 2001
          • Master of Special Education (Newcastle), Graduate Certificate of Religious Education (ACU) and Diploma of Teaching (RCAE)
          • Essential Skills in Classroom Management (behaviour management) Profiler level 1
          • Expertise: multi-age and classroom practice
          • Interests: travel and toastmasters 

Margaret Bowman headshot

Margaret Bowman, teacher librarian

          • at St Joseph's School, Tara since 2014
          • Master of Education (Teacher Librarianship) Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Bachelor of Education, QUT and Diploma of Education (Primary Teaching) BCAE (Mt Gravatt)
          • Expertise: teacher librarian, library information systems, literature, inquiry learning, and digital pedagogies
          • Interests: family, sport, reading, card making, puzzles and camping

Sue_Whelan_1_.jpgSue Whelan, administration/finance officer

          • at St Joseph's School, Tara since 2019
          • Diploma of Education (Primary) RMIT and Graduate Diploma Visual Arts RMIT
          • Expertise: first aid and student protection officer, wellbeing champion, trivia and games nights organiser and knitting
          • Interests: reading, gardening, cooking, craft, AFL and spending time with family and friends

Leeanne_Carden_Smith.jpgLeeanne Carden-Smith, school officer, learning assistance and library

          • at St Joseph's School, Tara since 2015
          • Expertise: library support, telehealth support, learning assistance and administration
          • Interests: family, cake decorating, golf and dining out


Dorene Warwick, school officer, learning assistance

          • at St Joseph’s since 2013
          • Certificate III in Education, currently completing Certificate IV in Education
          • Expertise: Indigenous histories, culture and language, Essential Skills of Classroom Management, fabric upholstering
          • Interests: cooking, gardening and building


Craig Riddiford, workplace health and safety and groundsperson 

          • at St Joseph's School, Tara since 2020
          • Certificate IV in Small Business Management, electrical safety testing, safe operation of machines eg tractor and chainsaw
          • Expertise: grounds and maintenance, workplace health and safety


Annette Stapleton, school cleaner

          • at St Joseph's since 2009
          • Expertise: cleaning the school
          • Interests: family