Inclusive education 

“The school takes care of all my child’s learning needs. We are very happy at this school.”  St Joseph's School parent. 

The inclusive education approach and planning for personalised learning at St Joseph's School, Tara means that every student receives support, assistance and extension in the way they learn best. Learning needs and student goals are supported by the classroom teacher in collaboration with parents, learning support teachers, school officers, specialist therapists and education officers.   

The school is serviced by a school counsellor and has access to the University of Queensland Telehealth initiative that provides video links and programs in occupational and speech therapy. Follow up is conducted by the teacher and learning support staff. 

As a member of the Toowoomba Catholic Schools network, families also have access to teaching consultants and practitioners in the areas of reading, numeracy, speech, occupational therapy, audiology and guidance counsellors.