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St Joseph's Primary School Catholic Schools


I have heard that Catholic Schools are very expensive. Is that True?

No. Cost for a single child is $15 a week (over 52 weeks)

There are discounts for additional children

Most people choose to direct debit $40-50 a fortnight and easily manage these costs


Do I have to be Catholic?

No. St. Joseph’s welcomes all faith backgrounds.

As a Catholic school, there is the expectation that all students will participate in religious education lessons and prayer celebrations.

In learning about our Catholic tradition, students will come to know Jesus better. The school was established by the Sisters of St Joseph’s in 1965. The story of St. Mary (of the Cross) MacKillop helps students to “Never see a need without doing something about it,”  to become responsible citizens who make a positive difference to the future.


Does St. Joseph’s have the same curriculum as a State school?

Yes. Like all schools, St. Joseph’s teaches the Australian Curriculum as set by ACARA (Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority

Like other Independent and Catholic schools in Queensland, St. Joseph’s is required to report to the Non-State Schools Accreditation Board (NSSAB) every five years.

As an educational institution within Queensland and Australia, we provide evidence of the curriculum taught within St. Joseph’s school. If approved, the Toowoomba Catholic Schools Office and NSSAB endorse the school’s curriculum.

Additionally, St. Joseph’s school teaches religious education. Religious education develops literacy skills around the themes of Beliefs, Christian Life, Church and Scripture. Religious education is not at the expense of other learning areas.

St. Joseph’s is committed to providing quality learning that promotes high learning expectations and academic success for all.






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