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St Joseph's Primary School Catholic Schools

Our Facilities

Our school has a well-equipped library and utilises the latest technology to engage students in their learning. This includes access to computers, the internet, multimedia equipment and other tools for learning. Learning is enhanced by the use of  data projectors, interactive whiteboards, i-Pads, beebots, EV3 robotics, 3D printers and other teaching aids.

We constantly review the latest technology to support learning and how we can implement this in our school. Our schools have well-equipped library/resource centres and utilise the latest technology to engage students in their learning. This includes access to computers, the internet, multimedia equipment and other tools for learning. St. Joseph's uses data projectors, interactive whiteboards, i-Pads, robotics and other teaching aids.

Our Library

Our Library plays an important role in enriching and supporting the teaching and learning programmes of the school. The library houses an extensive collection of resources, including junior fiction, fiction, non-fiction, AV books, magazines, graphic novels, readers and teacher reference materials, as well as providing access to a range of online and digital resources.

Our library caters to class groups and also provides spaces for small groups and individuals to relax as they browse and borrow. We aim to excite and encourage all our students to read by allowing them to borrow from across the collections.  As part of weekly library visits, we build on this excitement for reading through the sharing of quality literature and the promotion of new and enduring favourites.

Another focus of library sessions is the development of the skills our students need to navigate the ever increasing sea of information that is constantly coming their way. Students have access to so many resources, from books to library systems, and it is vital they learn to how to identify relevant sources of information, locate those sources, access the information found in them and analyse its usefulness for their purpose. In the library, computer, ipad and other technologies allow students ease of access to the resources they need as they work to develop these skills. The Teacher Librarian works with Teachers, where requested, to plan lessons which support inquiries being conducted in other subjects.


The Parents and Friends Association operates a tuckshop for the convenience of school families. A full Tuckshop menu is offered each Tuesday.

Break Times:

Little Lunch 10:45 - 11:15

Lunch 1:15 - 1:45

The preparation and serving of lunches is coordinated by the Convener and Volunteer parents. All offers of assistance will be very welcome. Dads and grandparents are welcome to volunteer too. If you are interested in helping out, this is a rewarding and interesting way of getting to know more members of the school community.