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St Joseph's Primary School Catholic Schools

What We Teach

St. Joseph’s School is a learning community


  • We believe in every student achieving every day
  • We understand how children learn
  • We teach the whole child
  • We care about your child’s interests and learning style
  • We create engaging learning experiences
  • We engage students in their learning
  • We support ALL learners towards academic success
  • We nurture a lifelong love of learning


Our Teachers

Our teachers are highly qualified and trained and must be registered with the Queensland College of Teachers to work in our schools. Through their registration, teachers must also engage in professional learning to maintain their registration and employment.

For our teachers to teach Religious Education in our schools they must be accredited

St. Joseph’s school teaches the same national curriculum as government schools with the addition of Religious Education as a subject for study. Expectations of achievement and conduct are high. With a strong focus on the individual, a broad curriculum caters for a wide range of interests and abilities. 

Curriculum is planned carefully. This is to ensure the development of each child is inclusive of intellectual, spiritual, physical, emotional and social aspects. 

The curriculum at St. Joseph’s School Tara meets the curriculum assessment and reporting requirements set out by the Queensland and Australian governments. 


Australian Curriculum 

The Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) sets the expectations for what all Australian students should be taught, regardless of where they live or their background. For F-10, it means that students now have access to the same content. Student achievements can be judged against consistent national standards. Schools and teachers are responsible for the organisation of learning and choose contexts for learning and plan learning in ways that best meet their students’ needs and interests. 

The following subjects are available at St. Joseph’s

  • Religious Education - Is the centre of the Catholic school curriculum and the religious life of the school community
  • English - Helps students to engage imaginatively and critically with literature and expand the scope of their experience; this includes reading and writing
  • Mathematics - Provides and develops numeracy capabilities in students
  • Science - Provides a way of answering interesting and important questions; it is about understanding our world by investigating mysteries, making prediction and solving problems
  • Languages - Enable students to engage in learning a language in addition to English
  • Health and Physical Education - Teaches children how to enhance their own and others' health, safety and wellbeing through physical activity
  • Humanities and Social Sciences (HaSS)
  • The Arts - Dance, Drama, Media Arts, Music, Visual Arts
  • Technologies - Digital, Design

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