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St Joseph's Primary School Catholic Schools


St. Joseph's School is involved in many outreach projects. The school supports the church in its outreach endeavours by raising awareness and funds for Project compassion and the Missions each year. 

The Mackillop Club, with its motto of "Never see a need without doing something about it,"  puts into action Jesus' call to serve others. The Mackillop Club discerns local, national and global needs and works with other students to meet these needs e.g. food or blankets for  poor and cold in Tara, learning about and raising money for Cancer research,  disasters and disadvantaged Australians and global communities.

Other Outreach activities occur around faith, community and school needs. 


The school is connected in every way to the local St Mary of the Angels Parish in learning to know Jesus better. The school is involved with the Parish Fete in May of each year, being held on the school rounds. The students and staff are involved in helping out through stalls and performances. Liturgies and Masses are celebrated  e.g. Induction of School leaders and feasts in the Liturgical calendar.

Students participate in the World Day of Prayer an ecumenical reflection celebrated with the wider community.

Each year the school visits St Joseph’s College (Secondary) in Toowoomba to celebrate the Feast of St Joseph. The students have developed a loving and caring bond with each other over many years. The school reciprocates the visit later in the year.


St Joseph’s School is ever present in its Tara Community through the school’s involvement and support in the following events and organisations:

  • Tarcoola Retirement Village – students perform for the residents and patients at Easter and at the end of the year with songs and stories to read. It adds connection to people that are elderly and relish the youthful vigour. 
  • ANZAC and Remembrance Ceremonies – students march and attend services representing both their families and the school.

School Needs

  • Telehealth is a UQ initiative that provides video links and programs for students needing Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy. Students have lessons with online experts once per week. Follow up is conducted in the classroom or by the LST staff.
  • The school is serviced by a Speech Therapist and School Counsellor, at least three to four sessions each term. They are a valuable resource for the families and children in need of these services on site.

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