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St Joseph's Primary School Catholic Schools


Throughout each term of the year,  Under 6 Learn and Play days provide opportunities for families to visit St. Joseph's for enjoyable and educational learning activities.

For families of children due to commence Prep at St. Joseph’s, orientation sessions are held in term 4 of the year prior to commencement.  This is an opportunity to welcome new children to the school and give them an opportunity to participate in Early Years activities in the classrooms while parents attend an information session. 


Then, at the beginning of the school year, a ‘meet the teacher’ session is held where parents and students are able to meet their teacher for the year ahead and set up their books in their new classroom.  Throughout the school year, teachers communicate on a regular basis with parents via emailed communication notes, communication books and face to face meetings. 

Early in term 1, teachers conduct a parent session to discuss the forthcoming year.  Parents are encouraged to attend information sessions on how to support their child’s learning at home and in the classroom.  Other information sessions will be offered throughout the year. These sessions are valuable opportunities for parents to learn how to best support their child’s literacy development.


Report cards give a written indication of progress twice yearly, at the end of term 2 and end of term 4.  Parent/ teacher interviews are offered in Term 1 and 3.  If teachers are concerned about your child’s progress at any time during the year, they will ask you to come and discuss the problem.  You are also welcome to initiate an appointment to see your child’s class teacher at any time – please contact the office or teacher to arrange a suitable timeslot.  It is essential that appointments with teachers occur when the class teacher is not teaching.

It is important not to interrupt class teachers during class time – if you need to deliver lunches, books etc, please leave these at the office.


The School Principal and Learning Support Teacher is always willing to discuss any matters of concern with parents and again it is important to schedule an appointment for this.  Please deal with any of your worries while they are still small.


 The newsletter is available on the website on Wednesdays in Week 1,3,5 7 & 9 of each term and parents are notified via email. The newsletter contains items of news relating to school and reminders of coming events.



We believe that all members of our community are responsible for developing and maintaining quality relationships based on gospel values. Features of these relationships include co-operation, mutual respect, courtesy, discretion, fairness, honesty, consideration and compassion.

As we acknowledges parents as the primary educators, it is essential that parents and teachers work together in the education of the children. Gossip and breaches of confidentiality have no place in these partnerships. Issues, concerns, suggestions etc. are to be dealt with according to the principles of due process. Parents and teachers work together for ongoing improvement in all we do at St. Joseph’s.

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